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Get the COMPLETE 7-BOOK TO LOVE AND PROTECT SERIES in a single set! Forbidden romance, best friend's older brother, second chance romance. All your favorite tropes with sexy alpha men and the strong women they love.

In Too Deep - A forbidden romance between Ines Rodriguez, a Chicago PD officer, and Tomás Gonzalez, an enforcer working for cartel, but also a man with secrets. What happens when the truth is exposed?

Striking Distance - Victor Rodriguez vows to protect Estelle, his younger sister's best friend, after a botched kidnapping attempt. She can trust him to keep her safe, but can she trust him with her heart?

Atonement - Preston Thomas has been trying to atone for his greatest sin. Two years after a single night of passion, Landon Roberts returns to his life. She has her own sin to atone for. Can these two lost souls find forgiveness and love amidst a drug war?

Bullet Proof - When Michele and her daughter, Maisie, need protection, Pablo volunteers. Can this single, young mother show this much older man that when it comes to love, age is nothing but a number?

For Always - Three years after their first meeting, Ines and Brody are finally getting married! Along the way, Victor and Estelle reignite their intimacy after the birth of their son, Preston and Landon have a serious discussion about their future, and Maisie officially becomes a Rodriguez!

Point Blank - After a drug bust turns rescue mission, one of the women looks at Oliver as though he's her knight in shining armor. Little does she know how tarnished that armor truly is. When her life is threatened, he never imagined falling in love.

Saving Evie - New-to-town, former Army soldier Sebastian constantly butts heads with schoolteacher, Evie. When a dangerous man from her past returns, can Sebastian protect her before it's too late?

*The Mobi for your kindle is purchased directly from the author.

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