Am I really doing this? A giddiness settled in my belly on the drive to Gareth’s house. It was going all topsy-turvy inside my stomach. I was a little nervous, but mostly excited. What calmed my nerves the most was that he seemed more anxious about me coming over to his house than I was. At least if his sweaty palms were any indication. It was kind of sweet actually.

We pulled up to a small ranch house with a single, dim light shining through the window. It wasn’t a big house, but it was cute. 

“Wait there,” Gareth instructed. After I removed my seat belt, I sat still while he raced around to my side of the car and opened the door for me. He took my hand and helped me out. 

Once inside, he flipped on the overhead light and I got my first look at his place. Definitely a bachelor pad. The giant, flat screen tv mounted on the wall drew my attention. Along with the huge gaming console with several controllers and games scattered along the top of the entertainment center. 

“Sorry, it’s a little messy.” 

I glanced over to see him sheepishly pick up a couple empty glasses and water bottle off the coffee table. I shrugged off his concern. “It wasn’t like you expected company. Besides, my dorm room is a disaster. There are clothes thrown all over my bed, and I have books scattered on my side of the floor and desk. Our places are lived in.”

Gareth smiled in relief. “Let me just take these to the kitchen. Can I get you something to drink? Water, soda, or beer?” 

“I’ll take a water, please. Do you mind if I use your bathroom?” 

“Go ahead.” He gestured with his elbow. “Down the hall, second door on the right.” 

While he ran to the kitchen, I took care of business. After a quick fluff of my hair and make up check, I decided I still looked presentable. I returned to the living room to Gareth sitting on the black leather couch holding a bottle of water out for me.  

“Thank you.” I sat and cracked open the lid and took a sip, wetting my suddenly dry lips. 

My eyes traveled around the room again and landed on a framed picture of a baseball player holding a bat ready to swing. “Who’s that?”

“That is only the best catcher to ever play in the major leagues. Spent eighteen years with the New York Yankees.” 

I laughed at his enthusiasm. “Does he have a name?” 

Gareth gasped and placed his hand over his heart. The look he sent me was so affronted as though I shouldn’t even have to ask. “Oh, that hurts. I need to educate you on all things baseball. That, my dear, is the Yogi Berra.” 

“Yogi? What kind of name is that?” I chuckled. 

“His real name was Lawrence, but that doesn’t have the same cool ring to it as Yogi.”

I shook my head. “If you say so.” 

He smiled. “Have you ever been to a baseball game?” 

“Not really. Definitely not a professional game. I went to part of a game in high school, but left early.” 

“Didn’t you enjoy it?” 

I took another sip of water before answering. “It wasn’t that. I only went because a boy I liked played on the team. But he completely ignored me and instead started flirting with Tammy Gibbons. So I left.” 

“What an idiot. He lost out on a great girl.” 

I flushed at the compliment.  

“Baseball season doesn’t start until March, but there’s an indoor batting cage over on Franklin if you’d like to go some time. Hit a few balls.” 

I wasn’t really athletically inclined, but Gareth’s enthusiasm was contagious. “Only if you promise not to laugh when I miss every ball thrown at me. I’ve never been any good at sports.” 

“Cross my heart.”

“Then you got yourself a deal.” 

“Awesome.” He paused almost uncomfortably. “Do you want to watch a movie?” 

Suddenly nervous, I wiped my hand on my leg. “Sure.” 

Sitting on the floor in front of his movie selection, he scanned the titles. “I hope you like action movies. Or I have some comedies.” 

I didn’t have a preference. “Pick whatever you’d like. I’m not picky.” 

He finally chose something and stuck it in the DVD player. An army camp popped up on the screen. 

“This is one of my favorites. Shooter with Mark Wahlberg. I hope you haven’t seen it already.” 

I hadn’t, and while I would never say it out loud, anything with the hottie Mark Wahlberg in it was fine with me. He was gorgeous, so I was perfectly content watching him on screen. All I said was, “I’m sure it’s great.” 

Gareth returned to the couch, this time sitting right next to me. In the middle of a scene I jumped and covered my eyes. It happened again and I turned to bury my face against his chest. He wrapped his arm around me, and it felt so good, I didn’t move away. Instead, I snuggled deeper against him, plastering myself along his side. We remained that way until the credits rolled. He reached over and grabbed the remote, shutting the movie off. 

“Aside from the occasional parts, I hope you liked it.” Gareth picked nervously at his pant leg. 

“I really liked it. That guy at the end got exactly what he deserved.” 

“Oh, a little bloodthirsty aren’t we?” He laughed.

“Maybe a little. But seriously, he tried to frame my man, um, I mean Mark Wahlberg.” 

His eyes widened and he smirked. “Your man, huh?” 

“I just meant the man in the movie,” I said stupidly. 

Gareth fake pouted. “You only used me to get your fix of Marky Mark. I see how it is.” 

I poked him in the chest. “I didn’t use you. You’re the one who picked out the movie. It’s your fault.” 

“What? My fault?” He tickled my side, and I squealed. “You’re saying it’s my fault?” 

“Yes,” I giggled when he tickled me again. I fell over onto my side and he followed me. “If it makes you feel better, you’re just as good looking as him.” 

He stopped and stared down at me before raising a hand and brushing back the hair that had fallen on my forehead. His eyes scanned my face, and I blinked up at him. “Don’t you mean I’m better looking?” 

His smile was so goofy and self-deprecating, especially with the eyebrow waggle. I reached up and cupped his cheek. “Fishing for compliments I see?” 


I laughed. “Well, then yes, you are a hundred times better looking than Mark Wahlberg.” 

Gareth huffed out a breath. “Come on, let’s be realistic here. Maybe like fifty times.” 

I giggled again at his ridiculousness, but my laughter drifted off as his smile faded and his eyes locked on my lips. 

“Can I kiss you?” he asked. 

My body went up in flames. “Yes,” I whispered in return.

Slowly, he lowered his head and ghosted his mouth across mine. It was the barest touch, but the match had been lit. I pulled him down to me, and opened my mouth, licking at his lips, drawing his tongue inside. It was as though he’d been waiting for permission and now he had it. We both became desperate for the other. I yanked his belt off and scrambled to unbutton his pants. Gareth’s hands wandered, squeezing and kneading my breast through my dress. I gasped against his mouth at the touch. 

“More,” I begged wrapping a leg around him, my heel digging into his ass, grinding my pelvis against his erection. I needed him to touch me. My skin was burning up. He grabbed the hem of my dress and bunched the fabric up, his hand gliding along my skin until, at last, he reached my center. He shoved aside my soaking wet panties, and he groaned. 

“God, you’re so wet.” His touch skated along my slit, gathering the moisture, teasing my entrance, before sliding a single finger inside me. It wasn’t enough. My hands ran up and down his back beneath his shirt. His muscles twitched beneath my fingertips. I explored the hills and valleys while he added a second finger. I clutched down on the digits, trying to pull them deeper inside. 

“Gareth, please,” I begged. 

He looked down at me. “Are you sure?” 

Was he insane? I reached between us and grasped his cock. “Does that answer your question?” 

He groaned again. “Yes, ma’am.” 

I wiggled my hips as he pulled my underwear down. Reaching into his wallet, he grabbed the condom, ripped it open and slid it down his length. He quickly returned to me and with only the briefest hesitation, he slid his cock inside. My breath caught at the slight sting.

“You okay?” he whispered against my sweat slicked forehead. 

“Definitely. More than okay.” I needed him to move. 

With a slow start, Gareth began thrusting, gliding through my wetness. I met him with an upward push of my pelvis trying to generate friction against my clit. He understood my need, because he reached between us, and rubbed the bundle of nerves. His movements quickened and he picked up the pace. I stayed right with him, my dress bunched up around my waist and his pants dangling around his ankles. It was rush and hurried, both of us chasing the high of release.

“Harder,” I choked out, almost there. 

He tangled his fingers in my hair, unintentionally pulling it, as he moved to kiss my neck. More wetness poured from me at the slight sting of pain.

“Oh, god, do that again,” I moaned against cheek.

“What, this?” He tugged on my hair again, and I gasped. 

“Fuck.” I bit my lip. 

My reaction ignited something in Gareth, because he went crazy. He pounded his cock inside me, going deeper with each thrust. It created a delicious friction and my body tightened. Within minutes, my orgasm crashed over me, and I screamed out his name. His body froze with a final push and he held utterly still as his seed shot out and filled the condom. He collapsed half on top of me, our breathing harsh in the air. 

“Oh, my god.” 

He reared back in fear. “Are you okay?” 

I cupped his cheek. “That was amazing.” 

His look of relief was almost comical. Then a huge grin spread across his face. “You were pretty incredible yourself.” 

My head ducked with a sudden shyness, and he sat up, dragging me with him. “Let me take care of this.” 

Gareth shucked off his pants and half naked disappeared down the hall into the bathroom. While he was gone, I smoothed down my dress although it was almost pointless. He returned wearing a pair of pajama bottoms. He sat down next to me and pulled me onto his lap, kissing me. We broke apart and I laid my head on his shoulder. We sat like that until I felt myself drifting off. My eyes grew heavier until I was almost asleep. 

I had the vague recollection of being carried down the hall and laid on the bed. A warm body curled behind me, and I snuggled back against it before completely fading away.