Secrets of Submission.jpg


ISBN-13: 9781523938674

The moment I laid eyes on Penny, her innocent, submissive nature called to my dominant side. I immediately volunteered to guide her exploration into my dark and decadent world.

I’m also playing a deadly game of cat and mouse with an obsessed psychopath whose goal is to destroy me. When my worlds threaten to collide, I’m forced to call it quits between us.

Soon I discover I’m too late, and she’s caught in the crossfire. Now, I’ll do everything in my power to protect the woman I’m falling for.



ISBN-13: 9781534723382

Bridget Carter unknowingly tempts me with her chocolate-colored eyes, long red hair, and bold attitude. She’s awfully bossy for a sub. Which only makes the sadist inside me rumble with the need to come out and play. I bury my feelings deep, because I refuse to become a monster.

But life has a way of laughing in my face. When Bridget shows up at my office begging for help, all I can do is agree. I’ll do anything for this woman.

When danger arrives at her doorstep, the rules change, and I will do anything to protect her. Even unleash the beast.



ISBN13: 9781540347176

For years, Josie has done everything to get my attention. What she doesn’t know is, she has it. Always has.

Except she’s far too young and innocent for me. I’m haunted by the ghost of the man I killed, and I refuse to pull her down into the darkness with me.

Until one night, after an unexpected encounter at Club Eden, everything changes. Lies are told and truths are exposed.

When the truth is revealed, the world as I know it shifts, and now it’s time to take back control.



July 3, 2017

ISBN-13: 9781548153137

The moment Katherine Marsh walks through the door of my precinct, dirt-covered and full of fear, instinctively I know she’ll be my downfall. Already my career is in jeopardy, and all I’ve ever wanted was to be a cop.

I’m fighting not only corruption in our judicial system, but my attraction to a witness. She tells me I only see things in black and white. When a murderer sets his sights on her, the line between right and wrong blurs, and I discover that maybe laws are meant to broken if it means protecting the woman I love.

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ISBN13: 978-1534723382

Betray (verb): to deliver to an enemy by treachery

After being sold to a sex trafficker by her drug-dealing boyfriend, Phebe Lawson fully understands the meaning of betrayal. She would have wished for death to come and take her away, except, she knew wishes were wasted on people like her. Until the day he entered her life. His arrival sparked a longing inside her that, maybe, hope wasn’t a useless emotion after all.

Heal (verb): to make sound or whole

Donovan Jeffries was the charming one. The flirty, social Dom of the local BDSM club, Eden. Soon though, he closed himself off, vowing to never give his heart to another woman. Until the day Phebe entered his life. Her despair touched a part of his soul he’d thought forever lost, and he would move heaven and earth to piece all her broken parts back together.

My Christmas Dom


Catch up with the entire Doms of Club Eden family as they celebrate Christmas together. From babies to engagements to complete submission, you’ll want to see what all your favorite characters have been up to. Don’t miss this seasonal story that will warm you heart AND your body.




“Please, don’t leave me here.”

He did it anyway, and the moment he walked out the door, my love turned to hate.
Now he’s back and thinks all can be forgiven.
When my worst nightmare comes for me, Leo vows to protect me.
But how can I forgive the man whose leaving utterly destroyed me?

Eden Box Set 1.jpg

Doms of Club Eden Volume 1

PUBLICATION DATE: January 5, 2019

D/s power exchange.
Happily Ever After.


Follow Marcus and Penny as they explore the dark and decadent world of Club Eden. Until Marcus’ past threatens to tear them apart.


Bridget and Connor couldn’t be more different. She’s confident and fearless. He’s hiding his true self behind a mask. But Bridget has a secret that proves to be dangerous.


Miles and Josie have been friends for years. For one of them, though, unrequited love is a bitch. So is PTSD. Both have to go through hell to find love on the other side.

Doms of Club Eden Volume 2

PUBLICATION DATE: January 5, 2019



Katie’s the key witness to a murder. Webber’s the cop investigating the crime. From the moment the two meet, sparks fly, but could she be his downfall?


Betrayed by her boyfriend and sold to sex traffickers, Phebe has a long road to recovery. Donovan admires her strength, but keeps his Dominant side from her. Can she heal from tragedy and embrace the submissive hidden inside her?

My Christmas Dom

Enjoy the holidays with the entire Doms of Club Eden family, and experience each couple getting their Christmas wish.

Say Yes FINAL Ebook.jpg

Say Yes


Friends make the best lovers. Or so Casey Santiago thinks. 

For ten years, she’s lived with the memories of an abusive childhood. Now, she’s ready to make new ones. Who better to help her than her best friend, Philip Maxwell?

When she approaches him with her shocking proposal, he hesitates. Sex complicates things. 

Can Casey convince Philip that their friendship is strong enough to withstand anything, including falling in love?

SEALs in Love ebook.jpg
SEALs in Love


Hot Navy SEALs? Check
A secret baby? Check
Finding love the second time around? Check

The Navy SEAL's Secret Baby
When curvy Sophie Chambers walks in on her boyfriend cheating on her, she drowns her sorrows in tequila. Lots and lots of tequila. When she wakes the next morning in bed with a man who's name she can't remember, she does the only thing she 

Navy SEAL David Marshall is celebrating his retirement when he stumbles across the woman he's been dreaming about for two years. The attraction is still hotter than ever. When she drops a bomb on him, he's determined she won't get away this time. Not when she's the mother of his child. 

A Second Chance at Love
Callie Foster never expected to feel such a strong connection to the sexy former SEAL her friend introduced her to. She only thought about having a little fun now that she'd regained her confidence after surviving an abusive relationship. Except he pushed her away. 

Kyle Harper barely survived the war, returning home with one less limb. He begins a brief affair with a gorgeous nurse, but breaks it off knowing it won't go anywhere. She'll only leave him like everyone else in his life. When he runs into her a few weeks later, he realizes what a fool he was.

Striking Distance.jpg
In Too Deep


My life’s mission after joining the D.E.A has been to take down the entire drug trade in Chicago. Nothing has distracted me from it. Over the years, the line between the role I’d started out playing and the man I’ve become has blurred. The person I used to be no longer exists.

Until Gabriela. She belongs to the boss’ nephew. That doesn’t stop me from wanting her. Craving her. She threatens everything I’ve worked for. She also reminds me of the man I once was. Before the drugs and the killing. The one who tried to do the right thing. Until I lost my way.

Neither of us can resist the pull. Our passion runs hot and fiery. We meet in secret, a forbidden affair that will get us both killed. One fateful night, I discover Gabriela isn’t who she says she is. Now I have to protect the woman I’ve fallen for.

What happens when the cartel discovers my secret instead?

*this book was previously titled Love Undercover. None of the contents has changed.

Striking Distance

PUBLICATION DATE: February 20, 2020


I never imagined I’d get caught in the crossfire between the police and the Mexican cartel. After a failed kidnapping attempt, a bodyguard attaches himself to my hip.

Why does it have to be Victor: my best friend’s brother and the man I’ve had a crush on since I was sixteen?


Estelle tempts me like no other woman. I push aside my attraction though. My goal is to keep her safe, not sleep with her.

The stakes are at an all time high when someone betrays us to the enemy. Now it’s a race against the clock to find her before it’s too late.




I’ve worked hard to rebuild the life I nearly destroyed. The private investigation firm I've started with my brother could be my shot at redemption. Our first case: find the supplier of Rapture, a new, lethal drug being sold on the streets. I’m determined to do some good and make up for the sins of my past.

One of those sins just walked through the door, and her name is Landon Roberts. Two years ago, a chance meeting in an empty bar led to the most intense connection of my life. The anguish in her eyes echoed the pain inside me, and for a single night we offered each other comfort. Until the morning when she disappeared without a trace.
Now, she’s the D.E.A. agent tasked with finding and eliminating the source behind Rapture. Which means I plan on spending a lot of time with her, because I have no intention of letting her get away again.

But the powerful man behind the lethal drug won’t let anyone stand in his way of making money. Can Landon and I survive a drug war and find love and forgiveness for our sins?

Black Light: Possession


After relocating to Washington, D.C. to avoid an overzealous secret admirer, Dr. Madeline Parrish wants to learn all that the city has to offer. When a friend invites her to explore the dark pleasures at the exclusive BDSM club, Black Light, Madeline meets two enigmatic Doms, with whom she spends one explosive night.

Soon the ‘love letters’ from her admirer start arriving, but now their tone is clearly threatening. When it’s discovered the letters are eerily similar to those written by the serial killer, ‘Casanova,’ FBI Agents Joseph Crocker and Nathaniel Morgan are brought in to investigate.

Much to their surprise, Madeline is the sexy submissive they shared an unforgettable night with.

Crocker and Morgan tempt and seduce Madeline into becoming theirs. Casanova, however, has other plans for her.

Can the men catch the killer before he makes Madeline his next victim?

Black Light: Possession is a stand alone novel set in the Black Light world.



There are only two things in this world I give a shit about. 
My beloved piano, and 
the music I create with it.

Except a year ago, the music in my head disappeared, and I now live in a world of silence. 

Until my gaze lands on her. 

I don’t know who she is, but the moment I lay eyes on her, a symphony begins to play and the melodies ricochet through my mind. 

She’s my inspiration. My muse. 

Mine to take. Mine to keep. 


*This is a dark romance and contains elements that may be difficult for some readers.

Saving Evie.jpg

Saving Evie


Evelyn “Evie” Vincent and Sebastian Nichols can’t stand each other.

Or can they?

When Sebastian hires Evie’s father as a handyman on his run-down ranch, the two are constantly running into each other. Sebastian is far from friendly, so Evie avoids him, even though she’s secretly hurt. The truth of the matter is, she’s the first woman he’s been this attracted to since his wife died, and he is fighting against it.

When a threat from Evie’s past puts her life in danger, Sebastian realizes he’s fighting a losing battle.

Can he save the woman who’s healed his damaged heart before it’s too late?


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